Boost brain power: Bullshit or miracle cure? 5 facts hard facts

Brain training is often compared to exercise for muscle. Brain training is not a muscle or an exercise; rather, it is a mental practice that trains your brain to better think and perform tasks. Your brain is what allows you to think and perform a task, so it is important to keep your brain in tip top shape. Brain training includes cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) to help change bad habits. Cognitive behavior therapy is a form of counseling that targets specific problems and behaviors that keep you from achieving your goals. It focuses on problem-solving and changes behavior to be more successful. You are encouraged to take a class in a specific area of the brain (such as left, right, or right-hand brain) and make improvements. It is not a cure-all. There are many books and videos that can help you build up your brain, but you must be realistic and do everything you can to build your brain up.

In addition, many of my patients have problems with brain injuries such as strokes, aphasia and dementia, so I try to keep them well-balanced. A typical cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) class lasts six or more hours and involves a series of discussions on a topic you are interested in.

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